Governance of Information Security

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Services Information Security Governance


Support organizations in transforming their information security strategy by supporting change in governance, approach and organization; Often in response to the awareness of the dependence of business processes on information systems or the increasing concern of the Directorates General with regard to the control of IT risks.


  • Governance and Regulatory Compliance : Implement processes and organization to support pragmatic and effective governance and compliance.
  • Cost reduction : Improve operational efficiency by removing silos or security processes or solutions that have become redundant or obsolete.
  • Image Protection : Demonstrate to customers the importance given to the security of their data through a security function aligned with new risks.


  • Analysis of the maturity and performance of safety practices Initialization of the safety program with stakeholders.
  • Establishing all the "non-technical" security principles in line with the business strategy.
  • Define the organizational structure of security as well as policies and standards.
  • Formalize and accompany the new roadmap.


  • Implementation of the security function.
  • Defining the security policy.
  • Preparation of the security business case and implementation of a governance.
  • Establishment of a safety function and animation of the security sector.
  • Coaching HIS

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